Seattle Sign Spinners – Guerilla Marketing in the Emerald City

IMG_1650Seattle Sign Spinners – Guerilla-Marketing in the Emerald City

Seattle (The Emerald City) is known for its “start-up” culture and the birthplace of companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, REI and many other prominent fortune 500 conglomerates. It is a beautiful waterfront city with an eccentric and eclectic sense of personality that is present in the residents who make up the different neighborhoods. With a culture that thrives on creativity and entrepreneurial innovation, it only makes sense that unconventional and unorthodox forms of advertising would also infiltrate the city and surrounding metropolitan areas.

Let’s face it, Sign Spinning as most people know it, doesn’t seem like the “dream” job. This is due in part to the misunderstanding and interpretation of the position. Most people associate the term “Sign Spinners” with the term “sign holders” , when in fact they are two completely different jobs. As stated in many of our other posts, sign holders are merely random people hired off Craigslist, or from a Labor Ready program such as Labor Works, to hold a sign on the side of the road for minimum wage. Sign Spinners on the other hand are a completely different breed.

Here at Orci Marketing and Sign Spinner Advertising, our Sign Spinners are a combination of Brand Promoter and Street Performer. Our Sign Spinners go through an intense training session and attend practices several times a month to enhance their Sign Spinning Skills. Not everyone is cut out to be a Sign Spinner though. People that have a lack of hand-eye coordination are probably not meant to be Sign Spinners. People that can’t handle exerting positive energy for 4-6 hours at a time, and constantly move, are also probably not a good fit. We pride ourselves on performing for motorists and projecting positive vibes out on the world so that consumers will reciprocate those vibes in the forms of waves, honks and smiles. Sign Spinners live for attention and thrive off of positive responses to their form of artistic expression. Our Sign Spinners are proud to do what they love, and understand that with the exception of professional athletes and actors, there are not many other jobs in this world where you get paid to perform for people and have fun doing it. Not to mention we pay our Sign Spinners a competitive and living wage anywhere from $12-$18 depending on skill level.

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